What does the future hold for the job market?


Following the initial shock of being placed into lockdown we now find ourselves in the situation where the dust has settled a bit but uncertainty still looms large. Here at Orb, we’ve started to get inundated with similar questions from clients and candidates who all want to know what the future may hold for the UK jobs market. In our latest blog, Orb managing director Stewart Olsen, gives his thoughts on the current situation and the issues facing the recruitment industry.

It’s not surprising to me that people are wanting to know how others, both those looking for jobs and businesses, are adapting to the situation at hand and whether or not the jobs market is still churning over, or getting back to some kind of normality. So, let’s take a look at each different element in turn and reflect on the challenges we are all facing as employers and employees and if there are any areas of opportunity we can harness.

The recruitment sector

Understandably, the recruitment industry as a whole has taken a hit during the pandemic and after seeing a dip across the board we have noted that some industries are doing better at recovering than others. This follows the trend of industries which are being allowed to open back up, but interestingly we are seeing more growth in the construction and civil engineering industries than any other – this buzz of activity will hopefully be enough to drive the country forwards and get other sectors such as manufacturing back to where they need to be.

Other areas of high activity include marketing, e-commerce, IT and digital professions – as businesses look to restructure working practices for example, many IT companies have found an increase in workloads to support home-working. Similarly, increases in marketing activities to recoup any lost business during the lockdown has seen many marketing agencies have a need for new staff.

Permanent roles

Permanent roles are opening up to recruitment agencies much more slowly than anything else across the industry. This is likely down to the high number of candidates available in the market and direct applicants to the few live roles which are out there. However, this is a generalisation and each and every company that has survived the lockdown will have its own set of circumstances which dictate their hiring plans in the coming months, with some faring better than others.

Temporary staffing

I see this areas as potentially providing the solution for many companies who are seeking some flexibility in these uncertain times and, because of this, we expect to see a rise in temporary positions available across multiple industries as businesses react to work coming back through the doors. For candidates who find themselves out of work at present, temporary roles could be key to making ends meet during these difficult times.

The candidate market

With many redundancies already being made across the UK and more on the way as the furlough scheme winds down, unemployment is expected to reach levels not seen since the 1980’s which is a scary thought. That’s around 4 million people unemployed and means some stiff competition for those jobs that are coming to market.

To try and combat this competitive market for jobseekers, our advice would be to upskill yourself while you can. If you have the time whilst on furlough or if you are awaiting redundancy, look at undertaking online CPD courses to further enhance your credentials. Prepare for the worst-case scenario by updating your CV and be proactive in identifying those companies or agencies that are hiring, then if you do find yourself in an unfortunate position of being without a job for whatever reason, you have a head start on others who have not been so pro-active or well prepared.

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